Project overview

The Discovery Mall has been a unique recreational and family entertainment venue located in the heart of Kuwait City, and over the years was considered to be one of the main entertainment destinations in the country. The mall offered a host of educational, cultural, and entertainment activities for children of all ages as well as for the entire family. The multitude of retail stores, restaurants and coffee shops appealed to adults, while youngsters would enjoy an endless array of fun and engaging activities throughout their visit.

The Discovery Mall boasted a variety of modern amenities providing children with unlimited opportunities to develop their creativity as well as both their educational and social skills. It was an ideal destination for school outings, art shows, birthday events, charities, summer camps and family outings.

UPAC had been instrumental in bringing this project to life from the very early design stages and succeeded in managing the facility to the very highest standards, while also providing families in Kuwait with a fun and unique experience.