UPAC Introduces New Parking System At Kuwait Airport

23 DECEMBER 2014, Kuwait

United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC), a commercial real estate and facilities management company operating in Kuwait since 2000, has started the implementation of a new parking system at Kuwait International Airport. UPAC manages over 24,000 square meters of commercial space at the Kuwait International Airport and other locations in Kuwait.

The new parking system is being introduced for the first time in Kuwait by UPAC and is aimed at improving operations at the car park and providing customers with smoother and faster parking services even during peak hours. With its license plate recognition, the system offer enhanced security by tracking all vehicles entering and exiting the facility.

The system is being used in all major airports around the world such as London Heathrow Airport, Munich Airport, Vienna Airport, Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airports to name a few.

Four units have been installed at the entrances and five at the exits as a part of the planned implementation phase. More units with auto-pay stations are currently being installed. All the parking gates are expected to be completed by the beginning of January 2015.

Frequent users of the car park can also opt for a subscription that will allow them to enter and exit the facility without stopping to pay.

Nadia Akil, Vice Chairperson and CEO of UPAC highlighted: “As the facilities manager for Kuwait International Airport, UPAC focuses on the experience for the end users that include visitors to the airport. Everyone’s time is valuable and with the new parking system, that has been introduced for the first time in Kuwait, we have invested in saving the time of visitors to our car park. By facilitating quick entries and exits, auto pay and subscription options, we are working hard to ensure the smooth flow of traffic at all times. We also look forward to introducing new services and features in the coming future.” Nadia added: “We ask all airport parking users for their cooperation and patience during this time of transition and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the DGCA for their support and for coordinating closely with us to make this project a success”.