UPAC Concludes Earth Day Activities

16 JUNE 2016, Kuwait

More than 35 employees from United Projects for Aviation Services Company (UPAC) marked Earth Day 2016 with a range of environmental activities carried out over a two month period. All activities involved elements of environmental protection and conservation and were aimed at mitigating UPAC’s impact on the environment while giving back to the local community.

Earth Day activity highlights included:

Tree Planting: At the UPAC-managed Discovery Mall in Kuwait City UPAC employees, along with their families and friends, planted 85 plants and trees in the garden next to the mall. The activity provides an additional green area for the community to enjoy.

Recycling: UPAC held a recycling week, encouraging employees to collect paper plastic, metal, and rubber materials from their homes and offices for recycling. In collaboration with the Kuwait Waste Collection and Recycling Co., UPAC was successful in sending 2,980 kilograms of materials for recycling.

Carpooling: In an effort to reduce the number of cars on the road and in turn decrease air pollution and carbon emissions, UPAC employees collaborated in a joint carpooling campaign, sharing rides to and from the office over the duration of the period.

Nadia Akil, CEO of UPAC, said, “As a socially responsible company operating in Kuwait, UPAC is committed to reducing its environmental impact and to giving back to the community through its participation in such volunteer and awareness activities”